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Eckhard von Törne


Eckhard von Törne

Dr. Eckhard von Törne, Lecturer

Physikalisches Institut, Nussallee 12, Room 3.002, 73-3221, Email:

CV: 1998-2002 Humboldt fellow and post-Doc Ohio-State U./Cornell U., 2001/02 chair of CLEO's Hadronic b-decay group, 2002-2008 Assistant Professor Kansas State University (on leave since 2005), 2005-2010 Kovalevskaja research group leader in Bonn, Lecturer of Physics at U. of Bonn since 2006, member of the ATLAS experiment, co-developer of TMVA (one of the tools that helped to discover the Higgs boson at the LHC).
Awards: Feodor-Lynen fellowship 1998, Kovalevskaja prize 2004. 
Research interests: Higgs boson, multivariate analysis.

Blockvorlesung Elektronikpraktikum  (ECampus Link)
BCGS intensive week, winter term 2015/16
High Energy Collider Physics, summer 2015
C++ in High Energy Physics, summer 2015
Research Internships at the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy
The ATLAS Experiment
The TMVA project and TMVA tutorial
The hunt for the Higgs Boson
Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics
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