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Prof. (em.) Dr. Norbert Wermes (senior professor)



Physikalisches Institut
Universität Bonn

Nußallee 12
D-53115 Bonn


Mrs. Valja Gebhardt
+49 228 73-3225
+49 228 73-3220



  • particle physics at high energies (current experiments)
    • proton - proton collisions at 13 TeV (ATLAS Experiment, CERN)
      • Physics of and with the Higgs Boson (in fermion final states)
      • Search for Phenomena beyond the Standard Model with bb-final states.
  • Pixel detectors
    • ATLAS Hybrid Pixel Detector (running)
    • Pixel Detector R&D for the HL-LHC Upgrade (Modules, Chips, CMOS Pixels, Diamond)
    • Belle II Pixel Detector (DEPFET Active Pixels, in production)





Teaching (lectures only)

  • Physics I (WS19, WS15, WS12, WS08, WS98, WS93)
  • Physics II (SS16, SS13, SS09, SS99, SS94)
  • Physics IV (WS96)
  • Lab Course Mechanics (SS13, SS09, SS96)
  • Lab Course Electromagnetism (SS14, WS09, SS97)
  • Particle Physics (WS17, WS10, SS06, SS03)
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics (WS14)
  • Advanced Particle Physics (WS99, WS94)
  • Advanced Particle Physics: B-Physics and Neutrino Physics (SS18)
  • High Energy Collider Physics (SS15, SS12, SS10)
  • Hadron Collider Physics and the Physics of Quarks (SS07, WS05)
  • Intensive Week: "From Chips to Higgs" - LHC Physics and Detectors (SS11)
  • Electronics (WS96)
  • Electronics Block Lecture and Lab Course (SS17, SS15, SS12, SS10, SS05, SS99, SS95)
  • Detectors for Particles&Radiation (WS18, WS16, WS13, WS09, WS06, WS04, WS03, WS02, WS01, WS95, WS92)
  • Advanced Instrumentation (SS08)
  • Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (SS04, SS02, SS01)
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