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Beyond the Standard Model

Despite its great success, the Standard Model (SM) has a number of shortcomings and is not a complete theory of fundamental physics. Many competing theories have been proposed to address these issues, such as supersymmetry and grand unification. Such theories often exhibit extended gauge and Higgs sectors, predicting the existence of additional gauge and Higgs bosons. Furthermore, while the Higgs boson discovered at the LHC is consistent with the one predicted by the SM, it is also consistent with Higgs bosons from many of these alternate models. Uncovering the real nature of the Higgs sector and of the fundamental interactions which govern our universe are at the forefront of modern particle physics research. 


Our group is actively involved in many searches for physics beyond the SM at ATLAS. We focus on final states involving b-quarks and/or tau-leptons. Such searches are particularly sensitive to additional Higgs bosons and new physics signals which either couple strongly to the third generation or decay themselves to Higgs bosons.


Candidate high-mass event in search for new heavy Z' gauge boson decaying to two tau leptons.

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