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Detector Physics


One focus of our group lies on research and development of new detectors for particle physics experiments with special interest in semiconductor pixel detectors. Moreover, the applications of such sensors for X-ray photon detection for medical imaging and material science are investigated.


atlasbig_cropHybrid Pixels

Most of the work in hybrid pixels is dedicated to the ATLAS pixel detectos and its upgrades. The innermost tracking detector of ATLAS is a semiconductor pixel detector in hybrid technology where the detector consists of two chips - a readout and a sensor chip which are bump-bonded together.


depfet_pixelDEPFET Pixels

Active pixels sensors for the Belle-II upgrade, future vertex detectors, X-ray astronomy and biomedical imaging.



CMOSpix5CMOS Pixels

Monolithic Active pixels sensors.


xray_imagingImaging pixels

Imaging pixel detectors for X-ray of beta-ray detection in medical imaging. 


chip_develomentIC Design



Detector Development Publications (link)

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