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Lectures and Seminars


The following courses are offered on a regular basis by our group.

  • Physik I (Mechanik, Wärmelehre)
  • Physik II (Elektromagnetismus)
  • Physik V (Kerne und Teilchen)


Lab courses:
  • Physikalisches Anfängerpraktikum
  • Elektronikpraktikum


  • Particle Physics
  • Physics of Particle Detectors
  • Adv. toptics in HEP (Collider)
  • Adv. tropics in HEP (B-Physik & v-Physik)
  • Proseminar Präsentationstechnik
  • Statistische Methoden
  • Advanced Electronics and Signal Processing
  • Advanced Laboratory Course (ATLAS, Z0)
  • Seminar on Detectors in Nuclear and Particle Physics


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