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BCGS intensive week 2019

BCGS Intensive Week - From Hits and Clusters to Higgs and Top 


E. von Toerne

30. September - 4. October (excluding holiday on Oct 3rd)

This course will of interest both for students starting their master studies, 
students who start their master project soon, Ph.D. students from other fields 
of physics who wish to broaden their horizon. We will discuss the analysis of high-mass states at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) including top and higgs.The BCGS intensive week aims at providing a detailed insight of an LHC detector and the experiments that are done with them to address important questions of fundamental physics today. 

What does one need to know to analyse LHC data? While following these lines, 
particular emphasis is given to

  • scientific and technical requirements of LHC detectors
  • physics of tracking and energy detectors
  • theoretical background of LHC physics (Standard Model + Higgs physics)
  • experimental methods to address these physics questions, including neural net applications  

Of course, not all topics can be addressed to depth within one week. Thus an 
effort is made that students will receive an overview and understand the most 
important mechanisms.
About half of the course is devoted to a hand-on project which will be organized 
as a simulation game (planspiel). Participants will experimental data of
proton proton collisions. Starting from uncalibrated hits we will create our own 
algorithms and finally search for the Higgs Boson at the LHC. Students will learn 
several aspects of C++ and its applications in high energy physics.

The course is an all-day workshop starting on September 30th at 9:15.

Registration: To register please send me an email to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. Please send the email before Sept. 26th.

Students who wish to receive course credit should also register on BASIS. Registrations opens on October first until October 4th.


Form of Testing and Examination: Seminar talk. Students who would like to obtain course credit for intensive week give a seminar talk during or after the intensive week. Please contact the instructor in advance if you would like to give a presentation. The course can also be taken without course credit.


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